our mission

We believe that we exist to Connect people to Christ, His Church and their Calling.

Connecting People to Christ - The Bible says that Jesus passed by some men and said come follow me.  One of them named Andrew invited his brother Peter to meet Jesus and then the two followed.  Jesus invited another man, Phillip, to follow Him, and he in turn invited another friend, Nathanael, to come and meet Him.  He ended up following Jesus as well.  This story can be found in John 1:35-45.  The point is, God invites us to Himself through Jesus and then uses us to invite other people to Himself. 

Connecting People to the Church – This is probably the most confusing part of our mission statement.  The reason is that in some cases we have to start over and redefine what the church is and isn't in order to move forward.  One poet (author unknown) wrote,  “The church is never a place but always a people, Never a fold, but always a flock, Never a sacred building, but always a believing assembly, The church is you who pray, not where you pray."  The first time the word church appears in the Bible it refers to an assembly of people, not a building (Matthew 16:13-18).  Jesus intended for the church to be an extension of your family and His.   It would be those you celebrate Him with.  It would be the people you would lean on in hard times.  It would be the group of people that you look to help you understand more about God's purposes. 

Connecting People to their Calling – This is simply an invitation to explore the ways in which God has blessed all of us for the purpose of building up His church.  We have noticed over the years that people don't become connected to the church until they discover their calling.  To understand this we need to look at Jesus' words, "I came not be served but to serve".  Our goal is to help people find their true calling as it relates to the church and God's plan in the context of serving.